Price x resistance home paint table

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From Table 1, we note that, in addition to being more resistant to abrasion, Premium paints
also have a greater covering power, requiring a smaller amount of paint to obtain the same
level of finish. Therefore, it is very important to take this fact into account when buying paint.
The cheapest paint doesn’t always end up paying off.
Price X Resistance
Below we’ve put together an example to help illustrate this:
PAINT A Econômica (18L CAN) – yields up to 300m2/coat – Price R$200.00
PAINT B Premium (18L can) – yields up to 360m2/coat – Price R$230.00
Do you know which one would be more interesting?
A: The bill is very simple – just divide the price by the yield of the can to find out the cost per
PAINT A – 200/300 = R$0.66/m3 coat
PAINT B – 230/360 = R$0.63/m3 coat
In this example, it is clear that Ink B would be more financially interesting than Ink A, even
though it is more expensive.
Another interesting point of latex paints is that both PVA and acrylic paints are usually soluble
in water, which makes cleaning easy in case of splashes. Furthermore, they also tend not to
have as strong an odor as the old solvent-based ones.