What is a fuse?

Fuse is any device that has a component which fuses when the electric current in the circuit in which it was installed extrapolates a predetermined value during a specific time interval and sufficient to its performance, Gates A40 and it interrupts the current thus stopping the conductors. They operate by fusing an element under the effect of elevation in the normal current of operation present in the feeders, which generates a resulting temperature increase and can be applied in industries and workshops containing medium and large power machines, motors and electric furnaces or even in some real estate and residential condominiums since there is in them the presence of a professional who is in charge of providing the necessary maintenance.

The main purpose of the fuse is to perform the protection of elements in an installation, even when at low voltage, in addition to preserving the patrimony and the integrity of people and animals. In general, it operates in overcurrent and short circuit conditions, with additional protection that prevents damage to equipment, fires or the inoperative components of the feeder circuits.