The correct specification of the electric motor for your application is the basic requirement for a long service life of the motor martin 100bs24 2 7/16. However, it is not only this that will ensure the smooth operation. Correct installation, maintenance and operation are essential and when an electric motor is burned, the first provision to be made is to identify the cause of the burn by analyzing the damaged winding. It is essential that the cause of the burn is identified and eliminated in order to avoid possible new burnings of the engine.

Let us know some types of burnings of windings and possible causes, such as short between turns which is the failure of the wire insulation enamel; The short between phases is the failure of the insulation material; The short on the connection is the overheating of the connection due to bad contact; The short at the exit of the groove or short inside the groove are rapid oscillations in the supply voltage; The peak voltage when the motor driven by frequency inverter with incorrect parameters. The voltage unbalance are voltage oscillations in the phases; The locked rotor which is the excessive difficulty in starting the engine; Overheating due to very long and / or very fine power cables; the lack of phase two-phase burning (star) or burning of a phase (triangle) and burning of a phase of the power transformer.