It is usually the most suitable paint for indoor areas.

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Diluted in water, it offers a great finish,
however, it is not as resistant as acrylic paint, since it does not offer great impermeability and
does not have a good finish in humid environments. However, it is a type of paint that allows
simple cleaning, in addition to quick drying. Experts recommend not to use latex paint on top
of shiny old paintings, as the result will not be satisfactory.
Enamel Paint
Unlike the other types of paint, the enamel option is not soluble in water, therefore, the
application requires more care. Because it is very resistant, it is widely used in metals and
wood and, above all, surfaces, such as window and door finishes. Available in glossy and matte
version, it is recommended not to use it directly on the wall, as the paint, as it dries, can create
bubbles and, consequently, come off the surface.
Epoxy Paint
Versatile, epoxy paint is found in both water-soluble and solvent versions. However, it is not an
option used in homes, but in industries, which uses it to paint surfaces such as metals and tiles.
Resistant, this synthetic paint can be applied in areas of high humidity and need to be applied
by specialized people for a better finish.