Three-phase alternating current electric motors are widely used in industry because in most cases the distribution of electric power is done in alternating current and also in function of simplicity, robustness and low cost, being suitable for almost all types of machines found, so this type of engine is widely found in the industry. It has constant speed and can vary depending 92741090 here on some factors as loads applied to its axis.

The three-phase induction motor generally operates at constant speed provided by the rotating magnetic field, so the speed of the field is called the synchronous speed, and is a function of two factors, which are: Magnetic poles generated as a function of their physical construction and Frequency the electrical network on which it is installed.

We can thus say that the speed of the electric induction motor is directly proportional to frequency and inversely proportional to the number of magnetic poles. Its working principle is based on the rotating magnetic field, which appears when a three-phase alternating current system is applied to physically out of phase poles of 120º. In this way, a magnetic field appears in this set of motor coils, these magnetic fields.