The facade, all pink and with a small blue window, gives a friendly and welcoming tone.

Orders are placed directly at the cashier and paid on time. Customers take their drink to
one of the tables or counters with high stools that make up the environment and wait for
the order to be delivered by the team. Capim Santo reflects a tropical Brazil with a
beautiful garden, an oasis in the middle of São Paulo. Rounded wooden tables,
surrounded by yellow chairs, spread across a large wooded lot. On the menu are the
recipes of chef Morena Leite, ranging from moqueca to risotto, from pork belly with broad
beans and tangerine sauce to fish with tropical sides. Classic Italian cantina and other
innovative recipes at a restaurant run by chef Benny Novak, who also heads the Ici
Brasserie. Everything is served in a cool atmosphere: it resembles a train car, with
benches on the side and a bar in the back. Inspired by tourist destinations, the bar offers
snacks, cocktails & music in a modern, cool setting. It also serves meals such as
rigatonni with mushrooms, Angus steak with fries and risotto with burrata and sun-dried
tomatoes. American Pasta which is the best Italian restaurant in Roswell