With the culinary style defined, take your list of possible restaurants and sit in front of your computer.

This is the time to check the evaluation of each one of them on the internet.
More and more people use this resource to evaluate the experiences they live in
establishments they visit and, therefore, restaurants are more attentive to criticism and
work to offer the best possible service to their customers.
So, when you find a restaurant with good customer reviews on the internet, it is very likely
that you will also have a good experience there! If you are one of those people who do not
just trust the opinion of the internet, it is worthwhile to consult friends and family about the
restaurants you have chosen to visit.
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They can give more sincere opinions about the quality
of the dishes, the environment and even the prices. In addition, they can offer other
suggestions of establishments that you had not thought of visiting! Did you arrive at the
door of that restaurant that seemed to be highly rated by everyone, but found the entrance
a little strange or the hall a little disorganized? Sometimes, it is in the simplest and coolest
places that we find the best surprises.