It is worth remembering that normally open contacts, also referred to by the abbreviation NA, can be used as a button that actuates the normally closed contact, which is also called by the abbreviation NF, as the button to disconnect. In case it is necessary to activate a motor, hbl2615swr hubbell wiring the device that is thought first, is a key so that it can be connected. However, in the case of electric controls, this element, which is the key that connects the motors, is completely different from a standard key, such as the ones in the home, for example, to switch on and off light bulbs.

It should be stated that the main difference between button and button, when it comes to electrical commands, is that when moving a residential key, it will move to a position and remain in it, even when the pressure is removed from the finger. In the industrial key or button, there is the return to the rest position by means of a spring. The understanding of this process becomes fundamental so that one can understand the real reasons for the existence of a seal in the command circuit. The button is part of the class of components called signal elements.