Italian Restaurant: typical Bucatini all’amatriciana and Arncino dishes

Check out two typical dishes served in Italian restaurants and curiosity.
Bucatini all’amatriciana
Typical dish from Amatrice, a city in central Italy, it is super traditional. The bucatini is a type of
long pasta with a hole in the middle, which looks like a thick spaghetti. The sauce is based on
tomatoes, guanciale (like a bacon made with the cheek of the pig) and pecorino cheese. Better
Arancino (or arancina and in the plural arancini / arancine)
It’s the Italian rice ball. Typical Sicilian dish, it is a risotto dumpling, usually stuffed with red
meat and cheese sauce, breaded with a dough of flour and water (pastella) and fried.
It is delicious and can be stuffed with ham and cheese, among other flavors. It has this name
because of the shape that resembles an orange (arancia in Italian is orange).
arancini typical italian food
Typical Italian food: meats
Many people, when they think of typical Italian foods, forget about meats, thinking only of
pasta and sweets. It turns out that Italian cuisine has dishes made with meat that are delicious. American Pasta alpharetta italians restaurants