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The Color of the Year 2020 Tintas Eucatex comes to welcome and bring the warmth that
relieves and renews. MODERNISM is a light pink with hints of blue and gray, which unites and
represents the diversity of tastes. The tone translates the emotions of affection,
understanding, sweetness and prosperity, reflecting a need of the present times.
The tone still refers to our history and the heritage of colonial architecture and to one of the
most celebrated movements in the Brazilian art scene: Modernism, by artists such as Alfredo
Volpi, Candido Portinari, Di Cavalcanti, among others, giving the chosen tone its name. for
The better tone adds the meanings of welcome and tenderness, presented as an
encouragement to face the times of crisis and heightening of divergent opinions. (Image:
Period Home Style)
In order to achieve shade, Tintas Eucatex brought together a multidisciplinary group of
professionals with a focus on the four groups of consumer tastes identified in the Brazilian
scenario, within the study carried out by the consultancy: Exuberant Nature, City Lights, Native
Beauty and Olhar Sutil.
Modernism brings balance and serenity to the accelerated, conflicting and hyperstimulated
contemporaneity, while its clear dose of gray refers to the elegance and control of emotions,
resulting in a sophisticated tone.