The minimalist atmosphere is in the air, so many people are opting for palettes that value off- cream tones.

Tips for interior wall painting colors
Neutral paint colors for homes

In this case, the walls are painted with beiges, whites, creams and other light

neutral colors. This timeless simplicity combines with all types of lighting, furniture and
decorative objects.
Contemporary white house facade. Modern facade with light colors. Beige is with everything in
the color trends for home 2019.
Walls painted with a neutral and clear color.
Shades of gray
Gray, especially the lighter shade, is on the rise. As it is a neutral color and easy to match, it
can be used in the lining of houses as the “new white”.
Room wall painted dark gray. Facade with gray tone. Burnt cement wall.
Gray facade with concrete finish. Modern and gray facade. Gray wall in a small room. Several
colored pictures were fixed to the gray wall.
Earthy tones
Nature has been a strong inspiration for putting together the color palette. In addition to
green, residents can also bet on earthy tones, which represent the earth and the search for
roots. Light brown, mustard and burnt orange are some options.