In one of our plans, you can still have your own website and menu designed for your establishment.

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Also, think that your customer must feel the desire to frequent your
restaurant, and for that reason, it is necessary to have a dish that is the
face of the restaurant, something that he only finds there.
That way, your customer will not mind traveling, even from afar, if it is
to taste something that only your establishment offers. If you decide
that your restaurant will accept online orders through the iFood , Uber
Eats and Rappi apps , know that there is a simple, agile and intelligent
order management system for you.
The Saipos restaurant system is a great choice for anyone who wants
to integrate applications in one place.
In addition, the Saipos system helps your restaurant in all stages of the
process, from service to delivery.
This includes cash flow, inventory control, integration with delivery
platforms and much more.

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